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Some artists can do humour. Some can do sensual. But very few can manage that most satisfying teasing tightrope walk between the two. Luckily for us, Biker is one of that select band. His sense of softly confident line is perfectly matched by his sense of cheeky humour, and you get the feeling that, whatever embarrassing wardrobe travails his accomplished linework inflicts upon his Bikerbabes, he is laughing as much with as at them. In other words he actually likes these fantasy women, a trait which is not always evident with other pinup artists, much to their comparative detriment, in my opinion.

I have good reason to be grateful to Biker, who produced some of his best work on my behalf when he kindly agreed to illustrate a tale of mine featuring my own favourite fantasy woman, Melissa Chancellor-Thorne. Biker's exemplary illustrative skills can make a fully clothed female look just as sexy, if not more so, than a nude. His renderings of tightly and glamorously clothed femme fatales are amongst the most sensual illustrations you are likely to find anywhere on the Net.

Well, I may not know my Frahms from my Fra Angelicos, but, as the man said, I know what I like, and Biker's artwork most definitely qualifies.

Patrick K.
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I first came across Bikers artwork purely by accident, and what a happy accident it was! Beautiful women, sexy clothes, high heels and humour. I hadn't seen anything like this since Benny Hill. I had to get to know this guy.

This talented individual was gracious enough to do some pictures of my wife (a retired adult actress) and not only did he capture her essence but also imbibed the work with a wry sense of humour and eroticism the likes of which I'd never seen. Some people can draw, some can draw smut, some can draw cartoons that are funny. Biker combines his love of beautiful women, a love for high heels and stockings, mixes them with a dash of personality and humor and creates a character. Characters you can fall in love with, laugh with, and admire.

Now a very good friend, Biker continues to be an inspiration in my work. I know you'll love it as well!

3D artist
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The first light-hearted, erotic fiction I ever read on the Internet was about a young lady named "Jenny" who had the unfortunate and endearing quality of "accidentally" losing her clothes in the most embarrassing of circumstances. I remember doing an online search and soon discovered that there existed an entire library of these "Jenny" stories, penned by numerous and varied talented authors. Furthermore, I then found a collection of comic book stories, and some stand-alone drawings, done by an artist who calls himself the Biker.

Well, these cheesecake style images are truly remarkable. Biker has the ability to capture with his pencil, intense emotional expressions, while maintaining the gift of rendering some very shapely and attractive female forms. But I think what is most incredible about Biker's talent, is his ability to tell a story with his pictures, whether in one page or many, that is humorous and cheeky and witty, and an absolute pleasure to read. Yes, he is an artist first, but also a fine tale-spinner.

I myself have recently delved into the spectacle of the visual arts, beginning a line of films that are based around similar heroines, entertainingly losing their clothes at the most inopportune time. I hope I can match on screen, the creativity that gushes like a fountain from Biker's pen to parchment. He has launched several comic series portraying characters in addition to Jenny (such as "Debs" and "Tina" of STRIPT). All of his drawings can be summarized as brilliant, exciting, visually appealing, and damn funny!

Joe Flanagan
Narrow-minded Productions, LLC
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Biker. Beyond the normal cheesy internet cartoons or unstructured cable animations, his artwork reflects a true knowledge of the female form in all its aesthetic glory. Drawings truly inspired by classic pin-up artists Gil Elgvren, Art Frahm, and Peter Driben. His sense of style definitely inspired by Bill Ward, Benny Hill and countless Penthouse Letters. Beyond this British dry wit, is the mind of a person truly passionate about his drawings and the characters he has thus created. Beyond a desire to simply please himself, he pours real emotion and feeling into every picture, searching out the ever elusive perfection, and always finding it. Curves, lines are just the beginning. Throw in a dash of Picasso, a bit of Van Gogh, add a pinch of Lautrec, finally toss in the mind of a 14 year old young boy and you have one of the best internet artists. His is an original without equal. My only regret is we cannot strap him to a chair and force him to draw 24 hours a day. A talent not wasted.

His drawings make your life in a small room, with a computer and simple lubricant a more worthwhile one. If your pants are not at your ankles by the third drawing, you must be a priest or blind.

Moderator and Owner of the Stripped Naked Discussion Board

Well, folks, before I met Biker I was serious about art - between large glasses of beer I liked to philosophise about High Art as a road to enlightenment and spiritual experience - but thanks to The Guy Upstairs I was blessed by the one of the biggest enlightenments in my life (after the fall of Iron Cuirtain) embodied in this easy rider, brilliant artist and simply the funniest guy I know.

My journey to High Brow Art ended up with a loud bang in bikersplace group. I was thinking that the good ole craft of drawing women with their knickers falling down or snatched by various circumstances was lost and forgotten back in last century but here it is again in full glory - twisted taste devilish entertainment not for the little boys but for the big guys who prefer their titters delivered by forty gallon barrels. Enjoy.

Enlighted artist from Empire of Evil - Sergey Martyn

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Biker's art work is wonderful! The first drawings I ever saw of his were "Jenny and the Castle" a few years ago and fell in love with his humorous style and the exaggerated facial expressions of his characters, and of course the erotic theme. His technique and humor have just gotten better since then. I especially enjoy viewing the BankerBabe and Nova Girl drawings. :) He has a great imagination!

The REAL BankerBabe a.k.a. Nova Girl

All artwork © Biker 1997-2010